Born in the Tundra of Minnesota, I have since become a bit of a Gypsy. Currently calling home base the hot sands of Arizona, I do still travel often. Whether the journey is a physical one, or one taken by reading a fantastic book it doesn't matter, the fun is always in the adventure. As always I am an eclectic person that likes a wide array of things and has many passions. Creating, advocating for animals and Mothering just to name a few.

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Dragon power and GOT oh my. I am going to for the most part spare you the it’s been a billion years since I posted on this blog, and bla bla bla. Yes it has been a million years, yes I am working on that but also trying not to beat myself up to much about it and YES I am still struggling with the exact direction I would like this blog to take. I am hoping to get that sorted in the near future, I really am. I have been making good headway on my general game plan and with a little more solid help and guidance I think I will get there.


But let us all take a moment to talk about this final season of GOT shall we?


I mean really the dragon!


Be warned beyond this point spoilers doth lay! So either don’t click on read more, or if you have already, stop reading NOW.






Seriously I will be giving spoilers. You have been warned. I know it has been out forever now but people still fuss. SO I am making sure to be clear.





Seriously, this is your very last chance to turn back now.



I would say this is an accurate feeling of how not only Jon Snow feels, but every single character left standing right now. Maybe not Grey Worm or well Dany of course. Everyone else, oh yell yes. Also the fans, because well yeah. That was bad. So very bad wasn’t it?

**Author note:

I started this post before the finale but got side tracked and now have also been digesting the finale. With that said, shall we continue? Yes I think we shall.*

What Dany did to Kings landing was unforgivable. I was personally so flabbergasted by the fact that she actually did it I was rendered speechless. Now, unlike many who are mad about this character turn, I am not. I saw it was always a possibility, but I really hoped that it would not go that way. I don’t blame her Dragon for letting Jon, the true heir passed in the finale either. Sorry not sorry.

You see Dany has never really been the hero so many built her up to be. Did she do some heroic things? Sure she did, though many of them were self serving and some were cruel as well. But, when you are dealing with war and people who only think of violence and the like it seems to be the natural way to respond. However, Kings Landing….there was just no coming back from that.

I know she wanted Cersei dead and she could have gone in with an exact strike and taken down the red keep, she did that anyways. Sure some innocents may have died as the building came down, but it would have been nothing like what was done in the end. I won’t even call Dany the Mad Queen, she truly is the Queen of Ashes. All by her own hand, with her own insecurities and jealousy leading her that way.

Remake really?

For those who are screaming about remaking the season and how Dany was so wronged I just shake my head. First of all, you shouldn’t insult the actors and all the crew that worked very hard to bring this final season to you. I mean, most big series based on books actually have an author who has finished the books, that in and of itself was a huge thing for GOT to work with. Second, if you thought that Dany did not have it in her to do what she did, than you have not been paying attention. At ALL.

It was shocking and heart wrenching to watch it all play out. I mean I am sure I like many thought. Wouldn’t it be lovely if Dany stayed sane, accepted Jon, he accepted who he was and happily ever after. The thing is this is GOT so we knew that was never gonna happen.


**Second Author note:

I started this a long time ago and forgot about it. Life has been in the way. Thought I would finally get it posted now. I still love a good dragon though. I even might make a crochet Dragon ASAP.

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