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I have had a bit of a tough time dealing with the election results (yeah post about that coming soon) and of course I am in the massive whirlwind of holiday crochet stuff. However, today is a day to take a breath and remember what to be thankful for. I am thankful about a great many things in my life. I hope that next year I can be even more grateful as well, because I have hope my country will stop that terrible things it is doing to the native people of Standing rock.

In the meantime I hope everyone had an enjoyable day with their family.


You have to love when clients as a freelance writer try to haggle with you. It is not the haggle that so much is a problem, but it is often how they do it. They will make it seem like they have OH so many offers to go through, and well many have lower prices so are you really that firm. Maybe they do have lots of offers and maybe some of them are for less money. However, often times when dealing with writing you get what you pay for.

This is probably just a bunch of prattle for most who are reading this. I know there are those who will understand it though. Those who have been a freelance writer and can’t help but sit and sigh or even laugh at the amounts that are sometimes offered to you. Just for giggles a couple I have had over the time include:

$20 for 30,000 words and illustrations (I am not an illustrator)
$10 for 20,000 words
$5 for 8,000 words plus a variety of other weird things

Now these are just some of the low ball offers. They of course also wanted each item to be perfect in grammar and formatted and everything else. It is utterly laughable that they thought they could get these prices, sadly there was likely someone, somewhere who did it because they really needed the money. I wish I could say they just got laughed at and the work wasn’t done. Sadly, reality says they likely did get it done, maybe not all of them. The part I do have a good giggle about however, is the fact that the work they did get for that price was likely not very good.

Most writers in freelance world offer VERY reasonable rates, many in fact are more than reasonable to be competitive in the market place. The going rate on most big platforms these days seems to be $1 per 100 words, that is more than reasonable because that is not the going rate outside of these platforms. Yet still you get some who want more work for less. It gets even funnier when they are the one who approach you, knowing your rates and then try to hawk you down by saying, “Well, I have so many other applicants.” writers need to learn to say, okay I hope they work out for you.

Freelance writers need to start demanding they get paid fairly for their work. At the very least that they get paid the rate they have clearly listed if you come to them. If all freelancers would stick together on this, the ball would be in their court. We would see less low balling and clients would eventually have to buckle and pay fair or not have work done.

This little ramble, rant brought to you by.. hearing a story from a friend about being low balled yet again by prospective clients.


Wow, I know I have been neglecting this blog like really badly. Life is what it is though, and I have been so busy with writing other things, sometimes it is hard to find motivation to write on the blog. Not an excuse I know, but hey, that is the truth and such is life. With all of that said, it is October!! My favorite month of many. I do have a lot of months that I enjoy, but Samhain or Halloween truly is my favorite Holiday. Some of my friends have joked with me and said it is the holiday of Black Cats and that is why I enjoy it so much. Not untrue of course.

I also love the fall it really is a fantastic time of year. The air just smells different, with the leaves changing (okay, not so much in Tucson but still) and cool mornings and evenings with days that are still warm. Beyond that the decorations are so much fun! I went into a craft store to get a zipper last night. Let me tell you I had to keep telling myself, “I am only here for a zipper, I am only here for a zipper.” or I would have walked out with a cart full of stuff and a wallet saying “owie”. They also had adult and kid costumes, oh, I wanted to buy the super woman tutu, I may even end up going back and getting it at some point. Diva would look adorable in it. I am sure I could make one cheaper, it was $29.99 though 50% off makes it a little less silly and there was a 25% off entire purchase coupon I could have used too alas I was only there for a zipper. I could also probably end up making the skirt cheaper, still though it was really cute and they had others.


So I wanted to make a positive post on the blog as the first one in a while. Sadly, I am going to end up making a ranting one soon because Montreal is stupid and has done a major stupid. That is another post to make and this post is about Halloween.

I saw a video on Facebook (you know there are so many of them all the time!) that really inspired me for a decoration however. A projector that plays creepy ghosts and ghouls. All I could think of with an evil giggle of glee was it would scare all the neighborhood kids. I know it’s kind of mean, but of course Halloween is about getting some of the ghouls and scary things out. After all kids go around in clown costumes and I am scared of clowns so fair is fair right?



I was only 6 years old when Jacob Wetterling was taken, but I remember hearing about it. I also remember how much his case and story dominated my life as I grew up. I am sure many around the world heard his story even before the world wide web, but being born and raised in Minnesota made it all the closer to home. We were on the front line and always got the news and the updates as we went.

October 22nd 1989 is the day that Jacob was taken and died.

It was only this last week in Sept of 2016 that his family finally got some closure. The details were hard to read when they came out but I made sure I did. Why? Because Jacob deserves to have his whole story known. Jacob had to be truly terrified with everything that was done to him before he died. It is truly horrifying but the story deserves to be known. So that Jacob will be remembered and what was done to him will be remembered.

When the vile man who sexually abused and killed Jacob finally admitted it and told authorities where to find his body final steps were taken to bring Jacob home. Authorities sifted through the dirt of where they were told Jacob now rested ( he was moved a year after he was murdered by his killer) it took them sometime. First they found small bits of bone, a red hockey jacket with no name on it. Then they found it a shirt with a name on the back Wetterling. Solid proof they had finally found Jacob at last. Reports from authorities said nearly everyone working had to gently place a hand on it, that it became real then. Until then some perhaps still held out hope Jacob was alive somewhere.

You will notice I have not put the killers name in my post so far and I won’t. Names give power and I will not give him anymore power then that he already took. What he did to Jacob deserves for him to never be thought of again as a human being. What really amazes me about this is that it was a blogger ( and others too yes ) who really kept on things who really pushed and pushed and pushed to bring Jacob home.

It is deeply saddening that this is the end result, but at least Jacob can now come home. Jacob’s family can now have some closure. That is at least something. Jacob can have a proper burial, a place where his family can go and remember him and not wonder if perhaps he is out there somewhere. There is a memorial planned on Sept. 25th and I am sure there will be a huge turn out.

Rest now Jacob your earthly remains have been given name. You can rest in the afterlife knowing justice will be served and your spirit can be at ease.


I am just putting this Meme up to say hey I posted something on my poor neglected blog. Something I seem to say a lot lately, but I will find my way again. To be honest I have not felt the joy I used to when I blogged, but I am trying. I am working on other projects as well and just in general working on getting things to where I can feel passionate again. For now however just this humble little meme. Be Kind to one another.

be kind


First and foremost I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all of those out there today who take on the role of Father. Whether that means you are a bio dad, a man who stepped up to be a dad, a single mom who plays both roles, a great uncle or fur dad. Everytype of Dad gets a big shout out from me.

Sadly what makes today a mixed day for me is the loss of another life to 2016. A very young life that had barely begun to live. Anton Yelchin best known for his role as Checkov in the new Star Trek films and Fright Night has passed away. A freak accident that shows everyone just how short life really is.

Any moment could be our last and life is not a guarantee to anyone in this world. Death doesn’t care if you are young or old rich or poor when he wants to punch your ticket he is going to do it. Knowing this, knowing how short life is and what little time we really have should remind all of us to live life to the fullest. Embrace every day as if it could be the last because it is possible that it might be. Tell the people you love that you love them, take risks, love hard anything that makes life worth living. Do it. LIVE as best as you can for as long as you can.

On that note with the way this year has been going. I think someone needs to have a talk with George RR Martin.


Ah the humble potato a food loved by some and hated by others because *gasp* it is a carb! Well, you know what, I don’t care if it is a carb you will have to pry my potatoes out of my cold dead hands to take them away from me. I come from a good sturdy stock of Irish and German folk and I love my potatoes. Growing up, my family did not have a lot of money. We did not have a lot of extra’s and expensive meals out all of that, but we always had enough to eat. We were always full of good stick to your tummy meals. Even when we went on our summer week away to the lake cabin with my Great Grandma (shared costs) those tasty meals followed and often were grilled! Were they fancy? No, they sure weren’t, but they were hot, tasted good and gave me a lot of fond memories and comfort foods to take with me on my journey through life.

When it comes right down to it, I will always prefer the good ole stick to your ribs kind of meals over the fancy pants stuff you find sometimes. Why does food have to be so frilly these days? Take a stroll on pintrest and find a great many beautifully plated dishes with a million ingredients. Do not get me wrong, fancy food is good too, and it is a great treat sometimes (especially when you don’t have to cook it) but really, who has time for that? With jobs, kids, pets and everything else going on in our lives, why do we have to worry about making fancy pants well plated meals during the week as well?

I for one don’t. I want my family to eat well, as healthy as possible and have the same kind of memories built as I did when I was a kid. Despite a busy schedule of work and life in general I really do work on that comfort food for dinner. I make what I can ahead of time and have things ready to go a well, so dinner does not have to be a stressful event. Alas, I digress the humble potato is the focus here.

Why a post about potatoes? Recently as I was chatting with someone in a waiting room as I made a menu for the next week, she commented that I sure was making a lot of that “carbohydrate peasant food.” Excuse me? I wanted to beat her with my notebook, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor and I just gave her a fairly disdainful look and moved to the other side of the room for myself. So then I started thinking about her commented and looked at my menu. Yes, there was a fair amount of potato there.

Southern fried chicken with Mash and fresh green beans
A simple pan seared pork chops with rosemary roasted potatoes and kale
Poor man’s supper (a childhood favorite of mine, it is basically a version of shepherds pie) corn, hamburger and mashed potatoes

Three meals with potatoes in a week of meals. That is not overly much to me. Seemed perfectly normal to me and my family enjoys the meals. The humble potato can be made in so many ways! It takes on so many flavors delightfully! So why is it getting flack these days? The humble potato fed the Irish and was so involved in their lives that when the great potato famine hit, so many died. From the years of 1780 and 1841 the humble potato staved off starvation of the poor Irish. One acre of potatoes could feed a family of 6 for nearly a year if rationed well and the crop was good. As meat, bread and other things vanished from the Irish table most of their meals began to consist of a potato and milk, which in it’s raw form is a super food and this made the meal completely nutritionally complete. As the potato fed the masses the population doubled in the country! Not too bad for the humble potato yes?

Sadly, in 1845 a blight hit the crop of potatoes entire crops could be lost in a matter of hours the blight was so terrible and aggressive. The people were saved that year as they slaughtered pigs, which ate up to 1/3 of the crop every year and then were able to eat the pork. However, in 1846 the blight got worse and killed around 90% of the crop. Not only did this deeply affect what people had to eat, but it prevented a new crop of potatoes from even being planted. The blight was not as bad in 1847 perhaps because of the low yield of the crop, but in 1848 and 1849 it was back and terrible. That is when the famine was to truly set in. At the end when the dust had settled 1 million people had moved to the United States while 2 million died. Death came from starvation itself as well as dysentery, cholera and other issues that people were unable to fight off due to starvation.

So next time someone gives me crap about potatoes I am going to remind them what happened when the lovely little tuber wasn’t healthy. I know this was a bit of an extreme post for something like a potato but that is just how I am rolling lately.


Seriously, the media really need to knock it off. I am so sad to say I live in a society that seems to thrive on taking rumor or just anything they feel like saying and dragging someone’s good name through the mud. Prince Rogers Nelson was active in the industry from 1976 until his sudden and sad death a month ago in 2016, that is 40 years. He was active in an industry that is rife with scandal every day for 40 years and guess how many scandals he had? If you are having to think real hard about it you have the right answer. Prince had no drug scandals, no sex scandals, none of the usual things you see in the industry.

Now he was by no means a perfect person, no one is and he certainly had eccentricities, but they were nothing compared to the scandals we have seen over the years in the industry. Oh yes, since his death the rumors and stories and drama have been crawling all over the place right down to a supposed long term drug dealer who supplied a heavy habit. It is simply ridiculous. Of course, all this crap is getting laid out now because they all want 15 minutes of fame and of course The Purple One can’t defend himself, although chances are he would have just let people keep yapping their mouths and not dignified their crap with a reply. Prince was eccentric, but the man was also a class act.

I did see an amusing post on a web forum the other day which seemed to be thinking the same I was, what is with all this BS coming out? The poster then also asked for people to think of what they thought was the biggest scandal in his time active in the industry. Here are what the answers included:

– performing the “Dirty Mind” songs on stage in his underwear?

– performing “Gett Off” on MTV in assless pants? (IMO the best MTV award performance ever! Dat ass looked GOOD)

– the 1985 “We Are The World” incident, Prince’s refuse to be participating? (I got nothing but you know…not everyone has to say yes to every single thing. Even if it is a good cause. 1985 was boomtown for The Purple One and as Lionel Richie recently said “That’s just Prince, of course he isn’t going to show up in a room full of singers when we want him to.” Everyone else can call it what they want I understand the Artist side of things as to why that would not feel like a creative yay for Prince.)

– removing a youtube video of a dancing baby, dancing to “Let’s Go Crazy”? (his right to protect copyright)

– the threats and lawsuits against fansites? (Prince always was very tenacious about his copyrights there is nothing wrong with that after the way he had to fight go own his own music he had every right to be. Beyond that he loved his fans and these things were not done out of malice)

– to sue piratebay together with Village People? (Far from the only artist to ever have gone after pirate sites)

– the $77 payment fiasco? (Not his fault. It was an overall shaky thing that happened, but he was not directly running the website or the charges happening and P.S he made sure folks were refunded)

– Changing his name to a symbol (yeah, some people thought that was over the edge. Was it odd? Sure was but when you look closely at the WHY of it you really see it as something that makes sense.)

– Darling Nikki being the cause of Congressional Hearings is a pretty big scandal. (Yeah, all I could do was face palm at that one. But parents got a parental advisory warning out of it lol)

– Writing slave on his face (it goes along with the symbol thing understandable once you know more about it.)

That is it pretty much. None of it really screams scandal either most of it is just eccentric stuff. He was an interesting one of a kind person. 40 years in an industry that’s tag line is literally sex, drugs and rock n’ roll pretty tame list.

Yet now the media is all over the place, especially with the drug accusations. It is getting tiresome. Very tiresome. All of it bothers me, but what bothers me the most is the hospital in IL going on about the “save shot” given days before his death and everyone else focusing on that as well. First of all talk about HUGE HIPAA violation. Medical professionals aren’t supposed to confirm if a patient is in the hospital let alone discuss their treatment. Why does it always seem someone is willing to break that law when it comes to celebrities. Secondly the “save shot” also known as Narcan can be given if a medical professional thinks an overdose is the issue, that does not always mean that IS the issue. I will use something that happened in my real life as an example.

Many moons ago (okay like 9ish years) a dear friend of mine was visiting me in Minnesota. She got very very sick and was loopy and nearly unresponsive after several days of not feeling well. I did like a smart person should and called 911. Paramedics and fire arrived and did what they do and all throughout they kept asking me what drugs she was on. They were downright rude about it and only stopped short of calling me a liar. I told them all the medications she was on and showed them the bottles. See she has a mental illness and needs a lot of medication for it, she does not do street drugs or abuse the medications. On and on they went about what she took and then off they went in the ambulance. I found out later when I arrived at the hospital, she was given Narcan, because they were convinced she was on something and it was the course they felt they should take. Better safe than sorry right?

Guess what? Later, after the hospital ran all their tests and such, it came back that she was indeed not on any illegal drugs or overdosed in any way. Instead, her kidneys were shutting down. Causing a backup in her system and causing the confusion and other issues.

So even if Narcan was given that does not mean it was drugs. Being as he was suffering from a very bad flu and possibly other things it is not unthinkable, he was having respiratory issues due to that. Of course, none of us know what happened and whoever is supposedly talking about his treatment from the hospital is not giving much information. Surprise, surprise. So I firmly land that in the rumor category. As well as the seriously people shut the hell up about it because there are privacy laws! PRIVACY is important and it was super important to Prince, he valued his privacy imagine that kinda like oh most people do. Just because someone is famous does not mean we as a society have a right to stick our noses in every nook and cranny of their life. They deserve just as much privacy as the rest of us.

So media.. back off. Leave the man alone and most of all wait for the damn autopsy results to come back before you keep slinging mud.

and just because i can


When you think of the bad guys on TV there are many. Jeoffrey is probably one of the most universally hated characters in all of land of fiction. I mean people literally threw parties over the purple wedding. I mean I know I did! I still grin about it, little bastard had it coming.


And then I have really always disliked this guy, Brutus is not the actor Tobias. That is more a personal thing for me however.


I am a Caesar girl, always have been, always will be. For reason of history and past lives, all of those kind of things. So of course the moment he was announced as being Brutus in HBO’s Rome I just had to dislike him. But really, in the grand scheme of things, Brutus was not all bad. He was in fact pushed to it by the people around him. So I do understand that and for his part Tobias is an amazing actor and he really did convey the turmoil that Brutus went through.

Then he showed up on TV as this guy.


To be fair, he of course also plays Frank but he has had much more screen time of as Black Jack Randall. Possibly the most evil man in the history of book’s and now TV. He is truly a man who has no soul. He does the most vile and terrible things and really does not care at all for anything but his own pleasure. He truly takes joy in destroying people, playing games and getting what he wants. What he does to Jamie, the way he toys with Claire and what he does to poor young Fergus. It does indeed make for riveting TV, but it also makes for very hard to watch and uncomfortable TV. Very uncomfortable. I know what things are coming myself and I still find it very, very hard to watch some scenes.

That is of course the sign of excellent acting. Tobias, who is a very kind person in real life, very gentlemanly and really would never even dream of causing someone any harm. As my friends and I sometimes jokingly say, he is what is a typical Brit, ever so polite and will tell you sorry if he so much as gently bumps into you. With all of that known you see him as Jack Randall and he really does convince you how evil he is, even his eyes have that look of someone who is dead inside. No light, except for that light of evil.

That all hit home once again as I watched perhaps the most heartbreaking Outlander yet. As Jack Randall once again completely destroyed Jamie and Claire’s life and they are left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life. It drives home the hate again. Even though I knew full well what was coming I sobbed for nearly the whole episode. While of course Jamie could have made a different choice and Claire also could have made other choices, it really boils down to the evil festering wound that is Black Jack Randall finding more and more ways to tear their life apart. Of course you know even despite his own wound given to him by Jamie is probably a small price in his mind. He likely even enjoyed it knowing that sorry bastard.

I for one very much look forward to the day that bastard is dead. There will be an even bigger party, then there was for the death of Jeoffrey on my end at least. At least there is some good news in all this sorrow and sobbing. Black Jack Randall will not win. He may break Jamie and Claire down and rip them apart, but they always come back together. They find one another again in that darkness that he creates and like a broken bone, they mend and then they are stronger then they were before the break happened.


This is what makes the story of Outlander so compelling or at least one of the reasons. Outlander is a true love story full of all the blood and grit and tears that comes with real life relationships. Black Jack Randall though, he just keeps getting nastier and just when you think you can’t possibly hate him anymore, he does something like he did with Fergus.

Good TV for sure, now I have to go dab my eyes some more because Faith is an episode I will never be able to watch without feeling emotional. I think that goes the same for many Outlander fans.


I try not to copy to many articles here to the blog, but I felt this was a very important one to put out there. It should be posted every where and shared as many times as it can be. Anyone who knows me for even a short time knows how much I love my pit bulls. They are wonderful, fantastic, loving, loyal little characters who get such a bad wrap.


The Myth of the “Dangerous” Pit Bull

It is one of the enduring myths that only the most contemptible and boasting toughs strut around with these “dangerous” dogs or, more often, keep them as chained up, captive prisoners. And yet, like Bumper and Willis, millions of pit bulls live happily and peacefully every day with their families. They are dogs, like all other dogs, enjoying life.

According to the American Temperament Testing Society, Inc., which tests dogs for stability, aggressiveness, and friendliness, the American Pit Bull Terrier achieved a passing rate of 86.8 percent, which is better than collies, golden retrievers, and beagles, ranking pit bulls fourth in highest passing grades of the 122 breeds tested. Pit bulls have been bred for companionship and have always been admired for their rock-solid and even temperaments.

Cindy Marabito, founder of Reunion Rescue, a nonprofit that saves as many pit bulls as it possibly can, says, “Pits were bred to be human-friendly. The goal was to be able to reach into the pit (for fighting) and grab the dog without getting bitten…. They bond to their humans and make crummy watch dogs because they are so people-friendly.”

And with their legendary desire to please, pit bulls are often the dog of choice for the depraved— dope dealers, thugs, and illegal dogfighters, with their horrific mistreatment and jackboot tactics, making a living abusing, torturing, starving, and trying to make vicious these magnificent and highly sensitive dogs. Often, the most loyal are the most victimized, done in by those whom they love the most (it is well-documented that in the ring, dogs will fight to the death to please the one cheering him on). Such abusers create deadly situations, and what may provoke a dog bite is more about environment than genetics.
Pit Bull Injustice

As Karen Delise writes in The Pit Bull Placebo, pit bulls are the targets of “every type of positive or negative emotional and physical circumstance humans are capable of imposing on dogs,” thus the emergence of “canine profiling,” or breed-specific legislation (BSL), also known as breed-discriminatory legislation (BDL), with its sudden seizures and killings of dogs in many towns and cities around the country, whether innocent or not, friendly or not, pit bulls or not.

Bans don’t differentiate among the various individuals labeled as pit-bull types, belonging to the bully breed. (A pit bull is not a breed but a commonly used term to describe an athletic-looking class of terrier that includes the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and mixes of those breeds. There are over 25 breeds of dogs who are routinely mistaken for pit bulls).

As John Adams famously said, “facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

According to the National Canine Research Council (NCRC), based on a study from the Center for Disease Control, there is no scientific evidence that one kind of dog is more likely than any other to cause harm to a human being.

South Dakota’s Sen. Dan Lederman, who introduced the bill that will create equality among all breeds in the eyes of the law in his state, said, “The fact is, a dog’s breed has nothing to do with how the dog behaves. Dog bites are not a breed problem.”

Indeed, they are a negligent or reckless guardian’s problem. Many have long recognized that it is the humans behind the dogs who must be held responsible. As Sen. Lederman concluded, “This legislation takes the focus off Petey [the beloved pit bull from “The Little Rascals”], and puts it where it belongs”—on the guardians of animal companions. “It’s part of being a good steward for the animals in our care, and part of being a good neighbor.”

Bad Guardians, Good Dogs

It was dogfighter Michael Vick, who awoke the world to the horrifying physical and psychological ravages pit bulls endured. With the signing of Vick, to the New York Jets, in March, Tessa Stuart in the Village Voice, wrote, “In addition to plunking down $34,000 to buy the Smithfield, Virginia, property where dozens of dogs were chained to car axles buried in the ground while they fought, sometimes to the death, in front of betting spectators, Vick and his co-defendants admitted to killing at least six (but perhaps as many as eight) dogs who did not display sufficiently aggressive traits during the ‘testing’ process. Several of those dogs were shot; at least two were hosed down, then electrocuted.”

In the backyard, there were graves of pit bulls Vick fought or had been torn apart serving as bait dogs during practice. Those who managed to survive were found beaten, starved, tortured, and chained to concrete slabs. After much public debate, they were not euthanized, because, as Malcolm Gladwell, wrote, “The betrayal of loyalty requires an act of social reparation.”

Here is the other side of the equation: the history of pit bulls is crowded with beloved companions — the iconic Petey, war heroes, poster dogs — pit bulls were so revered that the U.S. Military used an image of a pit bull on war posters — television stars, savers of lives, companions to such celebrated personages as Helen Keller, Humphrey Bogart, and Lauren Bacall, among innumerable others.

Let me enumerate all the ways in which pit bulls contribute to society: heroic and life-saving work with autistic children, law enforcement, animal-assisted therapy, search-and-rescue, nursing homes and hospital visits, drug detection, to name but a few. Mary Tyler Moore’s life depends upon her pit bull Spanky letting her know when her blood sugar gets perilously low. “He helps me with my diabetes—he can sense when something’s not right… He will come and sit and stare at me until I do something about it.”

In an act of great courage, a pit bill called Weela saved her human brother’s life as he was about to be ambushed by a huge rattlesnake, who then sunk his fangs into Weela’s face. A few years later, Weela saved the lives of 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses, and 1 cat. Heavy rains caused a damn to break on the Tijuana River and Weela pulled 30 to 50-pound loads of food across the river to a tiny island to feed the stranded animals the entire month they were there.

And there is Dakota, one of the most highly rated search-and-rescue dogs ever to wear a badge. Her reputation is so glittering that NASA requested Kris Crawford, Dakota’s guardian, and Dakota to assist in the recovery of the astronauts after the 2003 shuttle tragedy. Dakota and her two canine siblings, Cheyenne and Tahoe, are also certified hospital therapy dogs. Kris fiercely believes that the public needs to be enlightened about the real spirit of the pit bull. On her site,, the banner reads: Where Heroes Are The Pits.

I used to take my pit bull, Brownie, with the velvety white tummy, and galactic brown eyes, dappled with flecks of gold, to the local nursing home, where he was greeted by a huge gushing of oohs and aahs and lots of cooing, where elderly hands patted his enormous head and rubbed his belly and treated him like a prince, so enthralled by his lofty status.

These elderly residents became so excited by his visit that now a few remembered their own dogs, sometimes as far back as their own childhood, and were thrilled to tell stories about them, while all the time playing with Brownie, whose tail wagged wildly as he moved slowly from one resident to the other, giving kisses and licks, making everyone feel good and loved.

Brownie was there to please and, for these elderly citizens, this humble pit bull was a divine being, an angel to remind them of blissful reveries. Brownie passed away at the age of 15, in December, and this is my tribute to a perfect companion.

This article really puts it so well. Pit bulls are amazing dogs, they are family dogs and they are forgiving dogs. The dogs that were taken from Michael Vick, many of them found homes afterwards and were much loved members of the family. Many have passed on since then knowing love and peace in their final years. Others are still doing good work and making people aware of how wonderful pibbies as I call them are. One of my favorites is Mr. Handsome Dan of his own Rescue.


photo credit Handsome Dan Rescue

I am proud to be the mom of pibbies and I find it tragic when people walk away scared of my dogs. They are loving and friendly and always wiggling their tails. If I was a PR agent, I would take pibbies on for free because they really do need a better set of press given to them. People need to know they are blaming the wrong end of the leash when they blame the dog. It is people that turn them into weapons.

Of course you will always get the people who claim, but what about the newspaper reports and all of that. Ever notice that when a child is bitten, they were unattended with the dog? A recent story I read about a little girl who was hurt was standing in the dog. Yes standing on the dog. Once again this is the fault of the people, parents in the case of children. Even the sweetest dog on the planet can be reactive. If you pull on their tail, ears, stand on them ect they will react! I have never met a dog that did not give very clear warning signs before they bite. It is very rare that a dog will not tell you they are going to bite, dogs are bottom line as a statement honest. Their body language doesn’t lie. Children for the most part do not know how to read the signs and sadly they get bit, even sadder is because they are little even a mild bite can be terrible. What you don’t read about is how often kids are bitten by many kinds of breeds of dogs. Often times if the bite isn’t a pit they won’t publish or they do and the breed was stated wrong (you want to know how many dogs get called pits that aren’t anything related at all? LOTS). That is not to say pibbie’s don’t bite ever, they do, but 99.9% of the time I would still blame the human.

So next time you see someone trying to avoid a pibbie, try to let them know they are nice dogs and to give them a chance. I know my sweet babies would be more than happy to wave at you, give a dance for you and of course give lots of kisses!!!!!





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