Still an avid writer, but have not been keeping up on counting what I have sent out the last few years. If you would like to become pen pals please feel free to drop me an email to get things started. You can never leave a love of fountain pens and fine stationery behind.

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There has been such a shift in things since last week. It feels like it has been a century, it does not seem like it could only be a week. I miss my Pash Pash so much and can fully admit that I am not coping very well without him right now. I know this too shall pass, but for now it really doesn’t feel as if it will. This song is a little bit comforting to me and it was one that Pash Pash enjoyed listening to with me when it came up in rotation. He was such an expressive cat you could see his eyes light and his tail twitch when he enjoyed a song.




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