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A song that seems so fit very much right now. For several situations. Those of you know that yes when you say your sorry I will believe you and listen to your story.


Monday again already. Seems the year is going by pretty fast, maybe that is a good thing because there are a lot of parts of 2017 I am ready to do WITHOUT. I can’t lob the entire year off though, there are a few good things to be said for it as well. So without further adieu. Here is today’s song that I am feeling.


Ah here we are again Monday, I have a love hate relationship with Monday. Sometimes I am like Garfield about it, other times I kind of like it. The good news is whichever mood I am in Music is always a nice thing to have on Monday.

This week’s choice is… What would Happen if we kissed.

I’d say history would never be the same.



Stepping outside of the usual just a song way I do Musical Monday although there is of course music in this piece. What can I say..I am feeling very Henry and Anne as of late. It is sad how the modern mind usually only remembers that she was beheaded in the end. They forget about over a decade of love and passion that played out. As we are all just stories in the end..I dare say they made it a good one.


Oh yeah I am so behind on doing things that I should, like catching up on my Saturday Sanc, but I do plan on actually doing that later today. For the moment however I am just going to put up this Monday’s song and let people take from it what they will.


I missed Musical Monday last week I was just not in a place to post about it. I lost another one of my beloved babies. My Cubby my sweet sweet Cubby also of course why there was no Saturday Sanc this week I did not want to leave another depressing prompt idea for anyone to follow, if anyone is also doing the Saturday Sanc, I really should start a Mr. Linky. I still can’t really process all of it, but I am working on that. I think sitting down and writing a proper post about it will help me eventually to start dealing with it better. For now however, I am just going to do what I can and allow myself the time to move slowly as needed. This week we have a song that is helping me feel a bit better over things that have been going on. My friends and family kinda giggle at me because I say Josh Grobin music makes me feel conflicted. There are a lot of songs of his that I really enjoy. I know he is a Christian singer and so as a Pagan some find it odd I like his music. I always say that music can be uplifting in ways that aren’t always so obvious. Yes the obvious go to in many of his songs is that he is referring to his God, but often times it is not specifically stated and even if it is music is still open to be interpreted. So I choose to interpret and still feel uplifted by the songs I like, you know even if he makes me feel conflicted sometimes. * LOL *

I really can’t think of a song at the moment that fits things for me right now more then this one. A true anthem for the day, the week heck the entire part of this year so far.


Here comes Monday again. Not a fantastic week last week and in all honesty I am fairly sure that this week is going to be a little bit of a pain in the rear end too. Sorry to be a bit depressing folks, I really don’t mean to be sometimes that is just how life is. That said, music can sooth the savage beast right? Or maybe the savage Amby. Today I am enjoying the tunes of Wicked.



Monday is here again.  I am starting to feel more and more like Garfield about Monday’s although the rest of the week hasn’t been peachy keen either. Anyways enough with the melancholy in text form. On to the music for today.


There has been such a shift in things since last week. It feels like it has been a century, it does not seem like it could only be a week. I miss my Pash Pash so much and can fully admit that I am not coping very well without him right now. I know this too shall pass, but for now it really doesn’t feel as if it will. This song is a little bit comforting to me and it was one that Pash Pash enjoyed listening to with me when it came up in rotation. He was such an expressive cat you could see his eyes light and his tail twitch when he enjoyed a song.




A new year dawns and her come the meme’s again. I let them fall away last year, but I fully plan on bringing them back. It is a bad day today, my pash pash kitty has taken ill and we don’t yet know why. He was fine one second and then he wasn’t. Hopefully once they open the vet will have some answers for us. In the meantime, as I wait with worried anxiety, however, I bring this meme back. I use this song because Pash pash has always enjoyed it and it calms me right now as much as it calms him. Here is hoping that the vet will have a simple answer. The song does also just seem to fit the entire situation as well.

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