Born in the Tundra of Minnesota, I have since become a bit of a Gypsy. Currently calling home base the hot sands of Arizona, I do still travel often. Whether the journey is a physical one, or one taken by reading a fantastic book it doesn't matter, the fun is always in the adventure. As always I am an eclectic person that likes a wide array of things and has many passions. Creating, advocating for animals and Mothering just to name a few.

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Happy Holidays everyone. This might come off as a somewhat Grinch like post so if that is going to offend you, keep on your happy holiday way. Alas I am not someone who can just slap on and keep on holiday cheer when I am feeling…a moment of not holiday cheer. It isn’t that I am trying to be a crap or a Scrooge. The mood will pass, I am neither happy all the time or cranky all the time. Imagine that.

I do however find myself getting annoyed when I have a cute or fun story I would like to tell. I am asked about it and then someone else gets to tell the story. Maybe it is a petty thing, I am not above that kind of feeling like anyone else, but it seems to happen more and more and so I notice it more and more. It is annoying. Overly so sometimes, but what are ya gonna do eh?

I also find myself getting annoyed when I am asked to dig people out of their holes while I literally stand in the ones that they made for me too. Yeah I know petty maybe again but hey look at that….person. I have lost count of how many times I have been asked to help work around an RP story line. If you don’t RP just move on now from this post you won’t understand and you will think I am just a cry baby. Move it along I ain’t in the mood.

I have fixed this shit more then once. Let me tell you if you knew…it has been some impossible fix shit too. Like seriously, any fellow Rpers would be going… How do you even manage around that. Especially if you know the nature of continuing RP. The worst part about it? On just about every occasion the only parts that are considered when I am asked to fix one side of things. It doesn’t even occur to people that there is a very large part of that RP that was taken from ME as well.

Yeah, I often wonder if that even occurs when I am asked to sort shit out, like do people even remember that my companion within this shit keeps vanishing too? Yeah funny how that works and yeah it chaps because just like the crap in Real life its collateral damage. Funny how often art imitates life and the other way around right? I am so tired of always being collateral damage. Then I still fix shit and you know own shit is usually the very last thing to even be looked at for fixing. Frankly its starting to piss me off more then a little bit.

So yeah…sure i’ll happily fix your RP problem…5 bucks says one character wasn’t even considered in this whole thing…I am already owed a fiver so it will either turn to 10 or call it good.

The slave ran off with the wayward companion and they did whatever the fuck they felt like for years on end. Then they both got sucked into the sea and died.

The end.

What you were expecting a happily ever after? Afraid right now I have none of those. Maybe after I sit for a while with it I will have my Dickens moment and tiny Tim will live and Scrooge will do good for many years. But for the moment…. HUMBUG.

Now excuse me while I go and wrap finish wrapping Christmas presents and proceed to feel a bit like this over the whole thing:

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I have spent the better part of a week, maybe two I am having massive trouble with time right now because I am not getting near enough sleep working on a well meaning post about change. About how hard it is but that in the end if it is something you truly want and it is for the better how good of a thing it is. Change can be freeing. At this moment in time I want to set that post on fire and piss on it. Fuck it. Yeah my blog and I am cussing, deal with it I do that sometimes. FUCK IT.

I am tired of motivating people to change. Cheer leading for them to get better, to do things that will indeed in the end make them happy. I am tired of it. Dead damn tired. So fuck it. Don’t change stay the same. Do whatever you want. Fuck up your life, fuck up the planet, fuck up everyone who has ever tried to reach out and help you. Fuck it.

My favorite part of the never ending game I seem to be stuck in with those who I have invested so much love, time and energy into who say they love me too and want to make changes to some really fucked up stuff is when they use the cheer leading I have given them as a weapon aimed at me. Oh that is so fun, really and it makes me SO want to help them again right? It happens to me ALL the time and from a variety of fucking places. Today today I am calling on the one that bitch slapped my ass while I was in the middle of my own emotional crisis. Not the first time my emotional shit has meant absolutely nothing because GODS FORBID the strong person have a moment when life is FUCKED UP. Right? My life is perfect I ain’t got a single damn thing to be upset about. DAMN I keep forgetting about that. WHOOPS.

So in the middle of my ball of shit, which I am still firmly stuck in. Just for those readers who may be hard of understanding. Apparently my advice was listened too and OMG I was looking forward to spending time with you. Really? Couldn’t have said any of that a few hours ago? No because its so much more fun to use it as a bitch slap to say fuck you bitch see you RUINED IT. Then call it a night.

Yeah always a great feeling when someone who supposedly loves you just poofs at a moment when you kinda need them the most. Really makes you think about all the endless nights, days everything that you have stayed up, lost sleep, canceled appointments, jostled work, called and been send to voice mail, called and been hung up on and all the other crap you have done and they cant be fucked to have a conversation when you aren’t being Mary fucking Poppins.

Not the first time either. You would really think I would learn. I mean clearly most of this is my fault because I give people way to much faith and way to many chances. Doesn’t matter how hard I get fucked I always try to say hey maybe this time will be different.

News flash IT WON’T! News flash..think I am done trying to convince someone else it will be any different either. I mean if I am now at a point where I don’t feel shit will be different I sure as fuck won’t be blowing smoke up anyone else’s ass about it. FUCK IT.

Yeah I have issues and pain and here the come all spilling out because the cork is out of the bottle and as hard as I am trying I can’t get it shoved back in. I am sure at some point I will and then I will delete this post. Who knows maybe before anyone who is the cause of all this shit even manages to see it I mean we are going on how many weeks behind on important to me really proud of my work stuff now? 3 I think. Nice right? Whatever.

I have tried so hard with people. I have tried. I have researched, I have studied I have spent countless days looking at all the different ways to handle situations and people with problems and how to best help them. I have drawn on my own very long standing wisdom about and and searched out more. Because when I love someone, when I comit to be a loved one I am ALL IN. I will do whatever it takes. ALL IN. The thing I am realizing is that more often then not I am the only one who is actually ALL in. I am the only one committing this kind of time and energy to helping another person. Hell they wont even help themselves let alone anyone else. What the fuck am I doing? One recent read stands out like a big black chalk board

3. Refuse to put up with emotional blackmail.

People who are in the throws of playing the victim will blackmail you with your own emotions.

Yeah I suck at refusing to put up with emotional blackmail. I have tried. Yup I HAVE but I fail. Even now as I write this trying to purge myself of some of the never ending pain I am currently feeling by getting the worlds out a small voice says to me. Don’t post this. Posting this will only end up making you feel guilty. There will be lots of comments about what a terrible person so and so is and how they are a shit and all the other self flagellation comments that will then make me feel like a giant turd because I dared to not be Mary god damn poppins for 5 fucking minutes of my fucking life.

Whatever. At this point I have completely lost the plot. I doubt there will be anyway to pull myself back together and there is an option that would be so much easier. Maybe I will try to pull myself back together but I don’t think it is even worth it anymore. It just really isn’t. There is so much stress, to much stress and I don’t want it to be that way. Yes life is stressful I know that and it won’t ever be stress free. Is it to much to ask for a couple of FRIENDS who are willing to be there for you when you are willing to be there for them? I mean seriously is that asking to much? Please someone tell me if I am expecting to much that those who take support from me, say they love me and take my love for them to support me back when I am having a time of need. I will be happy to be corrected then. If that IS asking to much correct me. I will accept it and look upon things.

Something tells me that really isn’t asking to much but PLEASE TELL ME IF I AM WRONG.

On that note. Time to end this blog post. Apologies to anyone who comes upon it randomly. You may find it a bit insane and run the other direction. That is okay. I will respect that because frankly I am not sure that I am not insane anymore. I just might be. Apologies for that.

and PS this hasn’t been edited for grammar or typos. Apologies for that too.

“You cannot continue to victimize someone else just because you yourself were a victim once—there has to be a limit” Edward W. Said (Professor and Author, Orientalism)

“Don’t let your struggle become your identity.” Ralston Bowles (Songwriter, Carwreck Conversations)

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Okay, the title may confuse some of those who know me, trust me that is not how I actually feel. Sadly, I did something that you should never do….. I “interneted”. Having a brain that would not calm down enough for me to even focus on a single thing on my to do list that I should be doing, no my brain was having too much fun thinking of new things for me to do.

Normally random Google searches for me are fairly safe. I look up photos of art, cats or things that might go along with the inspiration my brain is having. This time it seemed simple enough, safe enough once more looking at a very favorite topic, fun and different takes on Elsa. Oh, sometimes I really should learn not to click.

An article topic popped up along with a photo about a sexy moment that everyone missed from the movie. I personally found there to be a few, but not missed, just typical Disney over kids’ heads there for the adults items. Especially during the big crescendo moment of Elsa becoming her own Queen. I really, really should not have clicked.

The link took me to a Huff Post article (yes first sign I should not have clicked), it was of course by now several years old 2014 but hey it would kill some time to read it. I am face palming myself as I write this now. If you are interested in reading the article yourself (I beg you not to click but in the interest of fully showing and sourcing) you can read it here. I am going to make it fast and just quote the part that has me face palming the hardest.

At the song’s emotional climax, as Elsa is about to see the sun rise for the first time from the balcony of her new crystal palace, she suddenly sees fit to express her freshly unleashed power by giving herself… a magical makeover. “Let it go/ Let it go/ That perfect girl is gone,” she declares as she ditches her old look (a modest dark-green dress and purple cloak, hair in a neatly tucked-up braid) for one that’s arguably even more “perfect.” By the time she sashays out onto that balcony to greet the dawn, Elsa is clad in a slinky, slit-to-the-thigh dress with a transparent snowflake-patterned train and a pair of silver-white high heels, her braid shaken loose and switched over one shoulder in what’s subtly, but unmistakably, a gesture of come-hither bad-girl seduction.

Now. I am not saying that all movies for children should be ideologically scrubbed clean of any hint of sexuality. Nor am I immune to the fantasy—one that’s surely not limited only to women—of vanquishing one’s demons and tapping one’s reserves of inner courage while also looking like a million bucks. But I know I’m not the only one who feels a familiar sense of deflation every time that pulse-racing song (delivered so gloriously by Menzel) culminates in a vision of female self-actualization as narrow and horizon-diminishing as a makeover. It’s a moment I recognize from too many movies in my own childhood—Grease was one, The Breakfast Club another—in which the “good girl” goes over to “the bad side” thanks to a quick cosmetic fix-up (Olivia Newton-John’s big slutty perm and skintight black pants! Ally Sheedy’s tragic de-Goth-ification at the hands of Molly Ringwald!). These moments always bugged me as a kid, because they seemed to be last-minute reversals of the foregoing movie’s message, which was that the character in question (Newton-John’s virginal Sandy, Sheedy’s glumly eccentric Allison) was fine just the way she was. To be sure, Elsa’s conversion into a glammed-out ice diva does differ in important ways from those earlier onscreen makeovers—for one thing, her transformation isn’t meant to impress any specific suitor, and in fact Elsa (unlike her younger sister, Anna) ends the movie without a romantic prospect on the horizon.


I just….I mean….seriously? WHY?! She is all ,outraged about a makeover? Moreover, she seems to think that just because a woman owns her own sexuality, her own beauty and does something just for HERSELF that she is being a “bad girl”. Since when did embracing your own sexuality become the same thing as a bad girl? Sadly, I know the answer to that is a long time ago. Just as she pointed out, the good sweet little “virginal” stereotype is alive and well in movies and TV. So of course, a woman who has less tidy hair and a stunning gown that is indeed also sensual and sexy, well of course she is a BAD girl. I mean come on here.

Elsa at a very young age was taught to be afraid of her power to be afraid of who she was literally. She was told to conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them see. Bad parenting award there by the way, even if it was born out of their own fear and misunderstanding. There have been some great debates over the parallels of what Elsa’s power is being shown to be. The obvious on screen power, of course, is her magical abilities, but many have also drawn parallel lines between that and her sexuality, that she is forced to hide her beauty and sensuality ect. There are a lot of other parallels and all I am going to say is well done for those who see those ones. The moment when she runs away because of her own anxiety and fear having come out and the people being afraid of her is heartbreaking. It is also what happens when you are told to hide who you are, you become afraid of yourself. So that moment when she finally embraces it and also gives herself a makeover into what SHE wants to be. Yeah, it is sexier and less buttoned up there are more parallels there you know. Elsa is not doing this for anyone but herself. Elsa is not doing this for a man like Sandy did in Grease, Elsa is embracing her own power and who she is as a woman as a Queen.

This writer and I use the term loosely is trying to rag on one stereotype while happily trotting along with another one and frankly it chaps my rear end. I know I shouldn’t get so concerned about it, the post is from years ago and doesn’t actually hurt me any but yeah I am just seeing red. Sexuality and sensuousness a woman with her own power and strength of will and sensuousness should NOT be seen as a BAD girl. She is a strong woman who is not afraid of ALL of her powers.

Now, do I think it is a great thing for young girls to be rolling their hips seductively. Well, no I don’t think it is the best thing in the world. HOWEVER, scolding them and teaching them to hide it is not the right answer. If they are young it can be presented in a way to them about needing to be older to move like that, or something along those lines. Older girls should be able to be talked to rationally about it. We should NOT teach our Daughters to be afraid of who they are in any fashion and that includes embracing their womanliness, their hips, the sway all of it.

I am sure some who read this will be going, well now if our girls act like this they are asking to be raped, or asking for trouble. I refuse to live in that kind of fear. I know that society is terrible about sexual harassment and rape, you really don’t need to tell me about that. Once more I say, however, teaching girls that the way to avoid these things is to hide their sexuality is only perpetuating the damned problem. It is NOT a girl or woman’s fault when she is sexually assaulted. It is also not a boy or mans fault when he is. Society needs to chuck that crap out of the window and lay down one simple firm line. Sexual harassment or assault is the fault of the perpetrator NOT the victim. Women should never have to get that, well if you didn’t wear that or if you didn’t drink this or didn’t do that or whatever speel. I know I am guilty of falling into some of those things I have been taught by society, but I am working HARD to break free from them and I will not teach it to the next generation if I can help it. This is not Utopia so of course common sense should be applied, but we need to stop victim blaming. I don’t care if a woman is walking stark naked down the center of the road, that doesn’t mean you get to touch her and that she is asking for it.

Moreover, we need to teach our boys not only the right way to act, the right way to treat a woman and No means No but that they too can be hurt. Everyone knows that the numbers of how many women who report sexual assault is appallingly low, but have you looked at the statistics for men? Did you know that 1 out of every 10 rape victims is male? Did you know studies have shown that 90-95% of male rape victims don’t report it? That is compared to the 85-90% of women who don’t report, lets face it is is not much better, but I suspect the number for men is closer to 98-99%.

So, yeah, maybe Elsa let loose and became a little bit sexier embracing who she was. What is so wrong with that? She is an adult and while yes, it is a kids movie, it isn’t like she stripped down naked and started finding every man she could to have fun with. Not that I personally think there is anything wrong with that either, just not in a children’s film. Women like the one who wrote this article are part of the problem not the solution. It is reading crud like that which makes me sad and ever more fearful for society.’

*Takes a Queenly step off her soap box*

Sorry about the long winded rant, but I had to get it off my chest. Right, time to let it go.


Yeah, see what I did there 😉 always good to end on a light note.

** This soap box moment that jumps around a bit within the topic brought to you by sleep deprivation and stress. Check back for next weeks edition. **


I am NO MAN!

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I like to consider myself a fairly patient person. I like to think that I am especially patient when it comes to waiting for things in the mail. I mean come on like all of us I get excited abut things but I also understand the way business works and sometimes things take a while. I also understand sometimes thinks get lost in the mail. So I always make a good effort to be calm and professional when inquiring about something I still don’t have.

Oh but I LOST it this last week.

I placed an order as a test for some supplies with a new supplier in January.

Take a moment and look at your calendars that’s okay ill wait.

So I started asking last week about what was going on with these items.

Now I won’t post the exact replies as maybe its against some some form of TOS somewhere but it summed up basically too..

“We promise we have sent the items please be patient and wait.”

Right maybe they didn’t understand me? I again pointed out the date I ordered. The date it currently was. The fact that they did not extend the buyer protection so the system automatically marked the order as if I got it. Although I had contacted them before to say it certainly was not here and asked for tracking info.


You guessed it.

“We promise we have sent the items please be patient and wait.”

There was a long round about which included a lot of me pointing out that I Have been plenty patient. Maybe they could resend the items? Their promise is all nice and such but with zero tracking information doesn’t do me much good at all. Yeah the reply was still.

“We promise we have sent the items please be patient and wait.”

Needless to say I am very glad I place small test orders when I can with suppliers I have not done any work with before. I can’t understand how people think this is acceptable customer service. I would never dream of treating a customer that way.

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Seriously, the media really need to knock it off. I am so sad to say I live in a society that seems to thrive on taking rumor or just anything they feel like saying and dragging someone’s good name through the mud. Prince Rogers Nelson was active in the industry from 1976 until his sudden and sad death a month ago in 2016, that is 40 years. He was active in an industry that is rife with scandal every day for 40 years and guess how many scandals he had? If you are having to think real hard about it you have the right answer. Prince had no drug scandals, no sex scandals, none of the usual things you see in the industry.

Now he was by no means a perfect person, no one is and he certainly had eccentricities, but they were nothing compared to the scandals we have seen over the years in the industry. Oh yes, since his death the rumors and stories and drama have been crawling all over the place right down to a supposed long term drug dealer who supplied a heavy habit. It is simply ridiculous. Of course, all this crap is getting laid out now because they all want 15 minutes of fame and of course The Purple One can’t defend himself, although chances are he would have just let people keep yapping their mouths and not dignified their crap with a reply. Prince was eccentric, but the man was also a class act.

I did see an amusing post on a web forum the other day which seemed to be thinking the same I was, what is with all this BS coming out? The poster then also asked for people to think of what they thought was the biggest scandal in his time active in the industry. Here are what the answers included:

– performing the “Dirty Mind” songs on stage in his underwear?

– performing “Gett Off” on MTV in assless pants? (IMO the best MTV award performance ever! Dat ass looked GOOD)

– the 1985 “We Are The World” incident, Prince’s refuse to be participating? (I got nothing but you know…not everyone has to say yes to every single thing. Even if it is a good cause. 1985 was boomtown for The Purple One and as Lionel Richie recently said “That’s just Prince, of course he isn’t going to show up in a room full of singers when we want him to.” Everyone else can call it what they want I understand the Artist side of things as to why that would not feel like a creative yay for Prince.)

– removing a youtube video of a dancing baby, dancing to “Let’s Go Crazy”? (his right to protect copyright)

– the threats and lawsuits against fansites? (Prince always was very tenacious about his copyrights there is nothing wrong with that after the way he had to fight go own his own music he had every right to be. Beyond that he loved his fans and these things were not done out of malice)

– to sue piratebay together with Village People? (Far from the only artist to ever have gone after pirate sites)

– the $77 payment fiasco? (Not his fault. It was an overall shaky thing that happened, but he was not directly running the website or the charges happening and P.S he made sure folks were refunded)

– Changing his name to a symbol (yeah, some people thought that was over the edge. Was it odd? Sure was but when you look closely at the WHY of it you really see it as something that makes sense.)

– Darling Nikki being the cause of Congressional Hearings is a pretty big scandal. (Yeah, all I could do was face palm at that one. But parents got a parental advisory warning out of it lol)

– Writing slave on his face (it goes along with the symbol thing understandable once you know more about it.)

That is it pretty much. None of it really screams scandal either most of it is just eccentric stuff. He was an interesting one of a kind person. 40 years in an industry that’s tag line is literally sex, drugs and rock n’ roll pretty tame list.

Yet now the media is all over the place, especially with the drug accusations. It is getting tiresome. Very tiresome. All of it bothers me, but what bothers me the most is the hospital in IL going on about the “save shot” given days before his death and everyone else focusing on that as well. First of all talk about HUGE HIPAA violation. Medical professionals aren’t supposed to confirm if a patient is in the hospital let alone discuss their treatment. Why does it always seem someone is willing to break that law when it comes to celebrities. Secondly the “save shot” also known as Narcan can be given if a medical professional thinks an overdose is the issue, that does not always mean that IS the issue. I will use something that happened in my real life as an example.

Many moons ago (okay like 9ish years) a dear friend of mine was visiting me in Minnesota. She got very very sick and was loopy and nearly unresponsive after several days of not feeling well. I did like a smart person should and called 911. Paramedics and fire arrived and did what they do and all throughout they kept asking me what drugs she was on. They were downright rude about it and only stopped short of calling me a liar. I told them all the medications she was on and showed them the bottles. See she has a mental illness and needs a lot of medication for it, she does not do street drugs or abuse the medications. On and on they went about what she took and then off they went in the ambulance. I found out later when I arrived at the hospital, she was given Narcan, because they were convinced she was on something and it was the course they felt they should take. Better safe than sorry right?

Guess what? Later, after the hospital ran all their tests and such, it came back that she was indeed not on any illegal drugs or overdosed in any way. Instead, her kidneys were shutting down. Causing a backup in her system and causing the confusion and other issues.

So even if Narcan was given that does not mean it was drugs. Being as he was suffering from a very bad flu and possibly other things it is not unthinkable, he was having respiratory issues due to that. Of course, none of us know what happened and whoever is supposedly talking about his treatment from the hospital is not giving much information. Surprise, surprise. So I firmly land that in the rumor category. As well as the seriously people shut the hell up about it because there are privacy laws! PRIVACY is important and it was super important to Prince, he valued his privacy imagine that kinda like oh most people do. Just because someone is famous does not mean we as a society have a right to stick our noses in every nook and cranny of their life. They deserve just as much privacy as the rest of us.

So media.. back off. Leave the man alone and most of all wait for the damn autopsy results to come back before you keep slinging mud.

and just because i can

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The Netflix Doc about Steven Avery has been the hot topic of conversation since it came out. Now of course the documentary is biased towards Avery so you have to look at that side of things. With that said I think that anyone can see how screwed up things that went on there were.

I am not sure if Mr. Avery is innocent. I would have to know more information however, between what was shown in the documentary and research I did on my own I am not sure he is guilty either. That is of course reasonable doubt, and Mr. Avery certainly was not given his proper due process.

One thing that stands out huge to me was a relatively small thing in the documentary. In one of the many searches of Mr. Avery’s house officers were filming. They go in very close to a letter sitting on his desk a letter from the innocent project inviting him to a dinner. The officer goes in a joking manner “Well, I guess he won’t be making that now will he?” This was before formal charges were filed. The officer then goes on to comment about the shoes in the closet and collecting them about robbery’s in the area. That seems a bit funny to me, especially since this county was not supposed to be involved at all they asked for a special prosecutor and help from another department.

There is no denying a couple of things, Mr. Avery was wrongly imprisoned for 18 years. The county had A LOT to lose out on since he filed a lawsuit and that in that area the family was considered white trash. The work done in the police investigation was shoddy at best I mean it took what 8 searches for them to find the car key? When they did find it the key was sitting neatly as you like out in the open between some shoes. Really?

I would also like to know why no large amount of blood or evidence of it was found anywhere in the house. If you stab someone and shoot someone there is going to be a lot of blood. As messy as that place was (looked a bit like hoarders) there is no way all the evidence could have been cleaned up. Bottom line they really had very little physical evidence that Mr. Avery killed Ms. Halbach himself. Once again, I do not have all the info, but this all to me speaks of reasonable doubt big time. Honestly, while I am not one who usually buys into conspiracy theories this County had a great deal to lose and they very clearly disliked Mr. Avery a lot. I would say they hated him. They sure had a lot to gain by putting him away again on a charge like Murder.

Let us not forget what was done to Mr. Avery’s nephew Mr. Dassey. That poor kid is really not smart. He knows it, I think everyone knows it. I am not sure he has the mental capacity to understand his Miranda rights let alone be part of a mastermind murder cover up. The interrogations that were done with Mr. Dassey, who was THEN a minor were SO wrong and very leading. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark with all of this case. It really just blows my mind how no one could see anything wrong with what went on. I do not understand that at all.

So yeah, there is my take on it. I personally suspect he didn’t do it. I can’t say for sure and the whole thing smacks of reasonable doubt. Most of all I feel bad for Mr. Avery’s Mom. This poor woman has done everything for her Son, everything she could do to help him. Hours upon hours of helping him. Just when she thought she had won and she had her son back, he is taken away again. That poor Woman. It is just nearly impossible to feel for her. The justice system has failed the Avery’s big time and Steve Avery and his Nephew are not the only victims it has claimed.

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I love S’mores. LOVE them. I mean doesn’t everyone? I don’t sit around eating them all day or anything (though right now kind of tempted too), so why is the US government messing with my S’more? Yes I just read (and I know I am a little behind on it) that the wonderful Government (Michelle Obama and USDA) have now made a new S’more.


Here it is. Does that look like a S’more to you? I mean seriously. Does that look like a S’more?

Can you imagine taking the kids out camping and enjoying oh yeah you are having fun doing the sing along and then you say “Let’s have S’mores!” the cheers go up. Huzzah! Yay! Then you bring out the YOGURT! Oh yeah. Yogurt. I see mega mutiny happening, epic tantrums…gads can you imagine this as summer camp?! As a former camp counselor……..I wouldn’t have done it. I value my life.

Now I am a democrat and I have defended the Obama admin on occasion, but this. Really? I know American’s as a whole need to eat healthier but seriously? Like really?! Most people only eat S’mores in moderation as a treat for a special holiday event or at the family reunion. Some even eat them less then that.

Leave the s’more alone.

If you want to give the kids a healthy snack of low fat yogurt and strawberries on a graham cracker, sure go for it. That is a healthy snack it is and I am sure it is good. It is not however a S’more. No it is not. Nope. Sure is not.

What is even more laughable is that the USDA website say’s this is an “inexpensive” treat and sure it is not that expensive, but strawberries CAN be pretty expensive sometimes, like all fresh produce. 1lb of them was nearly $4 the last time I saw at my local affordable shop. None of them were very impressive either. On the USDA website they of course say each serving costs .39 cents which is affordable, but can you buy just one strawberry, one bit of yogurt ect?

I dunno I am just ranting a bit because I am offended that wanna call that thing a S’more. Call it a strawberry graham sand which or something similar. It looks like a fine snack, one I would eat. It is not however, a S’more.

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It would seem almost everytime that I get into a show it gets the axe from the network. Fox has always been the biggest fiend of this as far as shows that I like. Seems my record is going pretty much on par with news today that Almost Human has not been picked up for a second season.


Bonehead move Fox, seriously Bonehead move. While I understand on some level that the show was expensive to produce and it wasn’t getting super sonic ratings it had a solid following and was getting BETTER as it went.I truly am one who thinks that some shows really need more then one small season to get going to latch people in. A show like Almost human is one of those shows, but hey wouldn’t be the first time they took a show like that and then canned it.

So yeah I am not happy with the TV lords that are out there and may go back to not bothering with new shows at all because I get tired of getting into them and having the rug pulled out from under me. Fox has a pretty weak line up overall anyways this was one that would have gotten stronger as it went.

Worst yet now we never get to know what was on the otherside of that stupid wall!


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Alright I am a book reader, this is a known fact and I enjoy books a great deal. I like TV shows and in most cases I respect that the book/movie/tv show are different things. I can accept that they will make changes to make it work or make it more dramatic..that said..and here is the alert.



You do not completely make a character do something against the very cannon that makes them the character! WTF writers. Jamie is not the most likeable character in the world. We know this, however he does make a journey of redemption. A big long journey that slowly tends to make you like him again. He is not perfect I mean he is a Lannister strike against him.

However….MANY things he may be a rapist is not one of them. Never. Not at all. No. He stood up to keep a woman from getting raped. HELLO. He killed people for itHELLO.

So writers WHY did you do that WHY did you make him into a rapist? WHY. It served no purpose. In the books they had sex there yes, but it was not unwilling. There was no shouting of No, and I don’t care if people argue she was holding onto him at the end point, no means no. I don’t like Cersei at all but no means no.

So thanks writers for making me really not like you at all. Thanks for making me want to stop watching a show I enjoyed for that. Really appreciate it.

Well at least you cured me of starting to like Jamie in the show.


Oh and for those who may wanna debate it ( I am open to that) here is the text, yes some objections are raised at one point..but nothing at all like the drawn out angry scene we got on TV.


She kissed him. A light kiss, the merest brush of her lips on his, but he could feel her tremble as he slid his arms around her. “I am not whole without you.”

There was no tenderness in the kiss he returned to her, only hunger. Her mouth opened for his tongue. “No,” she said weakly when his lips moved down her neck, “not here. The septons…”

“The Others can take the septons.” He kissed her again, kissed her silent, kissed her until she moaned. Then he knocked the candles aside and lifted her up onto the Mother’s altar, pushing up her skirts and the silken shift beneath. She pounded on his chest with feeble fists, murmuring about the risk, the danger, about their father, about the septons, about the wrath of gods. He never heard her. He undid his breeches and climbed up and pushed her bare white legs apart. One hand slid up her thigh and underneath her smallclothes. When he tore them away, he saw that her moon’s blood was on her, but it made no difference.

“Hurry,” she was whispering now, “quickly, quickly, now, do it now, do me now. Jaime Jaime Jaime.” Her hands helped guide him. “Yes,” Cersei said as he thrust, “my brother, sweet brother, yes, like that, yes, I have you, you’re home now, you’re home now, you’re home.” She kissed his ear and stroked his short bristly hair. Jaime lost himself in her flesh. He could feel Cersei’s heart beating in time with his own, and the wetness of blood and seed where they were joined.

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After reading yet another sad case of Dog’s being left outside and sadly in the current conditions freezing to death I feel the need to post about this. Dear Human Race Dogs are PACK ANIMALS..YOU HUMAN WHO BRINGS THEM HOME ARE THE PACK THEY BELONG TOO.

Here is some…less passionate but no less educational information: Source

Home – More Than Just Shelter

Dogs are pack animals – they are not content when excluded from the family unit. Though some circumstances may require dogs to live outside, most dogs will thrive in a primarily indoor environment. Your dog should have an area of the house dedicated as his own space, such as a kennel, crate or bed. This teaches your dog to have respect for his own space and, in turn, yours. Set down ground rules, enforce off-limit areas of the house, and welcome your dog into permissible areas.

If your dog spends time outdoors, provide access to a doggie door or a temperature-controlled doghouse. Never leave your dog unattended outside without shelter, especially during very hot or cold weather, as this can result in severe health consequences.

See that? Yes I do. I do agree there are some occasions where a dog does actually do better as a primarily outdoor dog. Farm dogs are often the kind of dogs who do better out and able to patrol their area, that is however a very different thing then this, and they are usually allowed indoors somewhere when it gets cold enough.\

City dwellers there really is no excuse dogs are not lawn ornaments, they do not deserve to live life on a chain. They do not deserve to live life not knowing if they are going to freeze to death because some idiot left them outside. If you do not want “messes” “hair” ect then do not get a dog. Period. Get a fish or something. Dogs crave love and companionship. They want to be with you to know they are doing right by you and they thrive on love.

Anyone who knows me knows I have three dogs. Two are positive heathens no matter how much training we do (and we do trust me). I can not count the number of times I have walked into a room and just stared at all the knocked over stuff or shredded paper or whatever they got into. Note: if you do not plan on picking up a garbage can near daily do not get a Basset Hound ever. I can total up the number of things the heathens have destroyed, including cell phones, remotes, laptops, hand held appliance. The new member is still a pup not a year old yet and hyper active with the NEED to give kisses, and love. She has made some messes, eaten a few candles (she likes soy wax best) and in general is a puppy (soon as I fall asleep she has to pee.). So yes they drive me NUTS. But guess what? I wouldn’t trade them for the world, not for one second. I would not trade them to have all the stuff they have destroyed back…I would not trade them for a million dollars. Why?

They are my children. I love them. Children as in the two legged human kind can be just as destructive as the four legged. And the four legged rarely back talk (I say rarely because I have been chewed out by the hound dog). For every aggravation they have caused I can count 5 times they have made me smile, done something funny, done something sweet..cuddled with me when I am in so much pain I want to claw my eyeballs out. So yes…hey Human race, wise up stop treating dogs (and animals in general) like they are inferior because you no one I have seen animals give more love and kindness to humans then humans give to humans.


dog kisses via tumblr_kumkktWhv51qzd4rfo1_500

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