Born in the Tundra of Minnesota, I have since become a bit of a Gypsy. Currently calling home base the hot sands of Arizona, I do still travel often. Whether the journey is a physical one, or one taken by reading a fantastic book it doesn't matter, the fun is always in the adventure. As always I am an eclectic person that likes a wide array of things and has many passions. Creating, advocating for animals and Mothering just to name a few.

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After reading yet another sad case of Dog’s being left outside and sadly in the current conditions freezing to death I feel the need to post about this. Dear Human Race Dogs are PACK ANIMALS..YOU HUMAN WHO BRINGS THEM HOME ARE THE PACK THEY BELONG TOO.

Here is some…less passionate but no less educational information: Source

Home – More Than Just Shelter

Dogs are pack animals – they are not content when excluded from the family unit. Though some circumstances may require dogs to live outside, most dogs will thrive in a primarily indoor environment. Your dog should have an area of the house dedicated as his own space, such as a kennel, crate or bed. This teaches your dog to have respect for his own space and, in turn, yours. Set down ground rules, enforce off-limit areas of the house, and welcome your dog into permissible areas.

If your dog spends time outdoors, provide access to a doggie door or a temperature-controlled doghouse. Never leave your dog unattended outside without shelter, especially during very hot or cold weather, as this can result in severe health consequences.

See that? Yes I do. I do agree there are some occasions where a dog does actually do better as a primarily outdoor dog. Farm dogs are often the kind of dogs who do better out and able to patrol their area, that is however a very different thing then this, and they are usually allowed indoors somewhere when it gets cold enough.\

City dwellers there really is no excuse dogs are not lawn ornaments, they do not deserve to live life on a chain. They do not deserve to live life not knowing if they are going to freeze to death because some idiot left them outside. If you do not want “messes” “hair” ect then do not get a dog. Period. Get a fish or something. Dogs crave love and companionship. They want to be with you to know they are doing right by you and they thrive on love.

Anyone who knows me knows I have three dogs. Two are positive heathens no matter how much training we do (and we do trust me). I can not count the number of times I have walked into a room and just stared at all the knocked over stuff or shredded paper or whatever they got into. Note: if you do not plan on picking up a garbage can near daily do not get a Basset Hound ever. I can total up the number of things the heathens have destroyed, including cell phones, remotes, laptops, hand held appliance. The new member is still a pup not a year old yet and hyper active with the NEED to give kisses, and love. She has made some messes, eaten a few candles (she likes soy wax best) and in general is a puppy (soon as I fall asleep she has to pee.). So yes they drive me NUTS. But guess what? I wouldn’t trade them for the world, not for one second. I would not trade them to have all the stuff they have destroyed back…I would not trade them for a million dollars. Why?

They are my children. I love them. Children as in the two legged human kind can be just as destructive as the four legged. And the four legged rarely back talk (I say rarely because I have been chewed out by the hound dog). For every aggravation they have caused I can count 5 times they have made me smile, done something funny, done something sweet..cuddled with me when I am in so much pain I want to claw my eyeballs out. So yes…hey Human race, wise up stop treating dogs (and animals in general) like they are inferior because you no one I have seen animals give more love and kindness to humans then humans give to humans.


dog kisses via tumblr_kumkktWhv51qzd4rfo1_500

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