Born in the Tundra of Minnesota, I have since become a bit of a Gypsy. Currently calling home base the hot sands of Arizona, I do still travel often. Whether the journey is a physical one, or one taken by reading a fantastic book it doesn't matter, the fun is always in the adventure. As always I am an eclectic person that likes a wide array of things and has many passions. Creating, advocating for animals and Mothering just to name a few.

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One of these days I am going to sit down and fully clean my scanner so that I can get much better images, alas today is not that day and well the rest of this week is not looking very good either. Hello Holidays. In the meantime however I am playing catch up on sharing the different bits of ATC and other swap art that have gone out in my mail box in the last few months. So always in the interest of sharing mail art here, a gallery of what I have been uploading to Flickr today.


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It is no secret that I am a Whovian so the Friday mail related post is going to be dedicated to some Doctor Who stamps. I am lucky enough to have some of the collection that the Royal Mail put out. A friend of mine sent me the collection of 9, 10 and 11 which I love.

Now it is not a big secret and most Geeks are celebrating the fact that the USPS is releasing Harry Potter stamps. So my geek brain asks, If we can have Potter stamps why can’t we have Doctor Who stamps too?! I would love nothing more then to spread the Who to all of my pen pals! Of course I could apply the stamps to envelopes (if I was not saving them myself thanks) for decorative purposes but I would like to see some useable ones. I am sure that won’t happen, Potter has had a bigger over all presence in the US but a girl can dream can’t she? I know I am not the only one who thinks this either..or maybe I am.


dws2 dws3 dws4 Doctor Who stamps dwst1

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Well unless you live under a rock or are not one of legions, or don’t use Google….or well you get the point you know that today Nov. 23rd 2013 Doctor Who is celebrating 50 years with the Day of the Doctor. There has been a lot of leading up to the 50th Anniversary special with all sorts of clips, and revisits and everything that a Whovian could possibly dream of. Let’s face it though the big thing everyone wanted was the big reveal the episode itself.

John Hurt as the War Doctor… David Tennant back as Ten and Matt Smith as 11 along with Billie Piper and others. How could it not be a good show? Well from this viewer the best I have been able to say thus far is that it was Epic.




The fact that in one sweeping epic episode with three Doctors as the main’s they saved Gallifrey made this fan pretty epicly happy. Not only did they manage it, but they managed it in a way that fit well and still allowed the rest of cannon to remain as it is. Not altering any of the incarnations and how their actions were, by saying, “No you won’t be able to hold onto the memory”. So Nine was as he was..Ten still had so many regrets. But Eleven now has a new purpose! I also suspect we will see some big adventures from the new Doctor Capaldi when he takes over, I would love to see him find Gallifrey. How cool was it that even Capaldi was there when they saved Gallifrey too?! All those Tardis!!! Do I even need to mention Tom Baker showing up again as well? Yeah this episode was a lot of epic.

I am often one who shakes my fist and shrieks MOFFATT!! When he does something and or kills a character I like, or kicks me right in the feels.

Well this episode kicked me all over in the feels, however I was cheering. I have to say they did one fantastic job on this episode. It paid wonderful homage to everything that came before but also kept it current and pushing the Doctor forward into his new adventures.

Bring on Christmas.

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This will come as no shock to anyone who follows me on FB these days and I promise to try to be better about Twitter again but I have honestly been very busy writing and the like, oh and watching Doctor Who while I do so. For many years now several friends and family and all of the like have been telling me to watch Doctor Who, you love British stuff they said. You love cool smart stuff. They said and for whatever reason I dug my heels in as hard as I possibly could and said NOT RIGHT NOW..I WILL GET TO IT. The more the pestered the more I put it off. I chalk this up to my Taurus Irish German nature. It happens once in a while.

Anyways finally not feeling like reading and deciding I needed to watch something. So finally my little stubborn streak said, come on pick Doctor Who..just watch it a little bit. So I did. I started with the New Doctor Who vs the Classic because it just seemed the thing to do. So cue up Nine, I liked him but it just did not grab me. Adoring the show now like I do I can look back and think it is because he was so angry. While now I understand why Nine was as he was, and I appreciate how he changed with Rose it just made me kinda meh about the show. Like okay this is alright, don’t hate it but don’t really care that much. I watched though and watched some more, and then Nine regenerated into Ten. I will be perfectly honest, my first thought was “Oh hey it’s that cute guy I have seen in a couple of things. Scottish I think. Well he is cute I will give him a couple of episodes but if I do not love it I am done. So yes I gave Ten a chance because he was cute. That is not however what made me fall in love with the Doctor, My Doctor is Ten.

Christmas Invasion was a great episode for me it was the first time I felt more connected to what was going on the episode that really got it got me though was New Earth. What grabbed me most and what I continue to notice every time I watch was how much fun, and the infectious love for the role that David Tennant had. You could tell that he loved every moment as the Doctor, and thus you could not help but be pulled into that excitement and love and want to go with it. His range as an actor still leaves me blinking a lot in a good way. Towards the end, in Waters of Mars that moment when the Captain kills herself after he saved her, and he knows he has gone to far…before he says anything you can read the whole breakdown of it on his face, in his eyes. He never even would have had to say a word and I got it. It is that ability to do that and on the other side of the coin do the little Samba moment when Cassandra enters his body (I think that was THEE moment for me) that just make you love him.

I cried when Ten left us, I still do and I am watching it on netflix I can only imagine the trauma of a week by week season. I was of course I am sure like many experience ready to hate 11, especially since for me Ten was MY Doctor the one who made me love the show, this new guy PLEH. Well I do not hate him. He is not Ten by any means he is a very different Doctor, I am not attached to him but I do not hate him. There are moments when I feel more affection for him really, not the actors fault either because I think I was just destined not to feel a connection with whomever was after my Doctor. I do not wish him dead, but I am actually looking forward to seeing the Twelfth Doctor. I think the choice of actor is perfect I am glad they went older. Any younger and he would have been in diapers, and I am sure whatever brings about 11’s fall is going to be pretty traumatic so older just seems to fit. Not to mention Peter is a fantastic actor.

So yes I am a Whovian. I am proud of it. I am a geek. Proud of that too. And yes David Tennant makes me giggle a lot. whether he is Ten or not 🙂





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