Born in the Tundra of Minnesota, I have since become a bit of a Gypsy. Currently calling home base the hot sands of Arizona, I do still travel often. Whether the journey is a physical one, or one taken by reading a fantastic book it doesn't matter, the fun is always in the adventure. As always I am an eclectic person that likes a wide array of things and has many passions. Creating, advocating for animals and Mothering just to name a few.

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The Purple Booker

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Tell me what we’d do?


In that room, at the library…

The secret storage room? Well…it’s hidden away in the basement at the school board office and only a few of us have the key. The room is filled with floor to ceiling metal shelves where we keep all the books before they get processed and shipped out to the schools. There’s a big wooden desk in the corner, just like the old-fashioned librarian’s desks you used to see ,and one small window. It’d be so easy to hide in there and no one would know.

Maybe one day I’ll sneak you in to work with me and handcuff you to the shelves. The ones far in the back where no one would see. That day I’d make sure I dressed like a traditional librarian…hair tied up in a bun, glasses, a pencil skirt and long-sleeved blouse with high, strappy, Mary-Jane heels. Of course, underneath I’d have on thigh high stockings and my sheerest bra and panties, but you wouldn’t know that…not yet.

The first time I leave you there, I think I’d let you keep all your clothes on. I’d kiss you very chastely on your lips, just enough so my taste would stay with you. The thought of you waiting there, all locked up for me, would make me so hot I’d be back to you within the hour. I’d kneel down in front of you and run my hands up and down your legs, spreading them apart so I could feel your cock beneath your jeans. I’d let my mouth wander all over the crotch of your pants, getting them damp with my hot breath, making you so hard you’d strain against the denim.

Then I’d leave again, letting you wait all hot and bothered like that for a little while longer. Leaving you to wonder if anyone else is going to come into the store room and find you locked up like that.

Just before lunch, I’d come back with something for you to eat. Maybe some juicy, ripe strawberries, that drip down and stain your tight T-shirt, and then I’d have no choice but remove it for you. I’d pull it up over your head, messing your dark hair. You’d look so sexy staring down at me with your green eyes. The same way you look in the morning after a night of sex. God, with your chest exposed like that, I’d not just be teasing you anymore, I’d be teasing me. I’d have to hike up my long skirt and slip off my drenched panties. I’d tuck them on the shelf right beside you so you’d be tormented by the smell of my sex. Then I’d lay back on the big librarian’s table and start to rub myself in front of you, my fingers flicking over my ready clit. Your eyes would lock on mine, watching me come closer and closer to orgasm. And then when I finish I’d let you suck them clean.

I’d barely be able to wait for the afternoon. Knowing your cock would be aching, waiting for me to come back to you. Stuck in the back corner of the book room with all the lights off, you’d be wondering how many more hours were left before everyone was gone for the day? You’d wonder if I’ll come back soon so you can kiss me, make me beg me to release you.

But my day is really busy and I wouldn’t be able to come back and find you until about an hour before the library closes. I know you’d be tired from standing in one position all day and I’d need to make it up to you. I’d leave the lights off as I slipped to the back corner to find. You don’t even know I’m there until you feel my hand against your cock. And I’d need to kiss you. Now I’m just as desperate for you as you are for me. You’d dip your head down to mine and I’d still be able to taste myself on your lips.

Kneeling before you, I’d quickly unzip your jeans and take you in my mouth. Your cock would be instantly hard, hitting the back of my throat as I take all of you. I’d suck the liquid that oozed from the tip, savouring the taste of you on my tongue. Suddenly we’d hear a key in the lock and the lights are turned on. We freeze as the someone starts to stack boxes of new books up on the shelves. I’d look up at you with an evil grin and put my fingers to my lips to quiet you, and take your cock back in my mouth, loving the thought of getting caught like this. I’d suck you slowly, wanting you to come in my mouth. I wouldn’t stop until you do. Sensing you trying to hold back, to not make a sound, I’d work even harder to break down your defences. I’d cup your balls in my hands, pulling and squeezing, waiting for that telltale tightening that means your going to come for me. A few minutes more is all you could hold out before I swallowed every last drop you give me. Just as we finish, the lights go back out and we’d hear the keys locking the door again.

Laughing, I’d straighten out my clothes and zip your pants back up. ’Not much longer’, I’d promise.

Back at my desk, I’d take my time packing up, savouring the anticipation. Making sure everyone has left the library before I shut down the rest of the computers and put back the books leftover from the day.

Twirling the key to your handcuffs around my fingers, I’d make my way back down the hall to the storage room. All my senses are on fire, knowing that the hours of torment I’d given you have only made you want me more…I can barely wait to feel your cock buried deep inside me.

Unlocking the storage room, I’d leave all the lights off. I wouldn’t want us to be interrupted this time. The sun would be almost down now, but the light still coming in the window would be just bright enough to see you waiting for me.

Pushing myself against your naked chest, I’d wait for your kiss. The minute our lips met I’d feel the familiar liquid fire pulse through me, making me wet all over again. Your kiss is soft, questioning, waiting to see what I’m going to do next.

I’d have to pull away before I get lost in you. My hands go to my hair and pull out the pins that have been holding it in place all day. One by one they’d drop to the floor until my hair cascades down around my shoulders. Biding my time, I’d take my glasses off and place them on the shelf next to the panties I’d left there earlier.

I’d hear the rattle of metal on metal as you try to reach for me, forgetting that you’re still handcuffed to the shelves. Smiling, I’d take a step back as I start to unbutton my blouse for you. Letting it hang open, I’d reach down to slip off my heels before letting my skirt drop to the floor in a puddle of fabric.

Standing before you in my stockings, bra and blouse, I see the bulge in your jeans, hear your breath catch in your throat. I’d reach forward and unzip your pants, tugging them down your muscled thighs all the way to your ankles so you can step out of them. You’d have nothing on underneath. Perfect.

Coming close to you again, I’d start to kiss your chest, licking the sweat from your skin, working my way down to your hips, lips grazing that perfect spot of muscle. You’re pushing against me, teasing me, making me want you so badly. I’d let my lips slide back up your stomach as I reached for the key to unlock your cuffs.

The minute you’re free, you’d force me onto the table, spreading me wide, your mouth on my sex. I’d hear you moaning and growling as you taste me, lick me, devour me. My hands in your hair as I kept you pressed hard against my cunt, loving the feel of your tongue. You’d find every secret part of me and make me pay for teasing you all day long.

I’d beg. ‘Please, please. Fuck me. Please. I want you in me, every last inch’.

You’d drag me down towards the edge of the table and drive your cock into my tight wet pussy, harder and harder. Your lips find my breasts and suck my nipples through the sheer fabric of my bra. Your skin on mine, your hard body against my soft one. The sensations making everything blurry as I let you do whatever you want to me.

I need to come so bad, and wait for you to say my name, to claim me. But today you decided to teach me patience. The same patience you had as you waited all day long for me to come to you.

Leaving me right on the edge of bliss, you’d pull out and force me to sit up. Then you’d take your time kissing me, slowly removing my blouse, licking my neck, biting my breasts until I’m shivering under your touch. You’d reach out and unclasp my bra, staring, watching me blush when you don’t look away. You’d take them in your big hands, rubbing my nipples with your thumbs, making me moan with pleasure. Your lips leave a wet trail down my stomach before stopping just above my soaking cunt.

‘Please’, I’d whisper.

Pulling me off the table, you’d turn me around and I’d feel your eyes on me. With only my stockings on, I feel more exposed than ever. Your hot skin against mine as you step up to me, nudging me towards the table, forcing me to bend over.

Your hard cock would nudge up against my bottom, your hands caressing my skin. Even though I want it as much as you, I still gasp as I realize what you mean to do to me.

Bit by bit I feel you enter me. I push back against you, wanting all of you in me, where no one else has ever fucked me. The feeling is so good, like nothing else. You’d rock us back and forth slowly, slipping in and out, torturing me, till I’m begging you to let me come. I know you need to too, this is too good for either of us to resist much longer.

‘What do you want?’ you’d ask.

‘I want to come for you.’ It comes out in a whisper.

I’d hear you say my name, triggering my orgasm instantly. As I writhe and moan under your weight you come hard and all you’d hear is me screaming your name.

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