Born in the Tundra of Minnesota, I have since become a bit of a Gypsy. Currently calling home base the hot sands of Arizona, I do still travel often. Whether the journey is a physical one, or one taken by reading a fantastic book it doesn't matter, the fun is always in the adventure. As always I am an eclectic person that likes a wide array of things and has many passions. Creating, advocating for animals and Mothering just to name a few.

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This Meme is daily and is held over at the That’s my answer blog

If you could change or eliminate one wedding tradition, what would it be?

Okay..this is going to sound silly but it is how I feel about it. The whole “it is the most important day of your life” label that we give the day. Yes I know it is an important day, I had one after all. But it is just one day it is not THEE most important day. It is the first day in many that should be a life long journey. So stop going into mounds of debt for one day….seriously.

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Hot or not is a mobile social app that allows you go access it via facebook or your mobile phone. You can rate people easily on attractiveness or you can choose to decide on other factors as well such as common interests.  There is a very good ease of use with this application and it never tells you when someone clicks on not hot (that I have found yet in my use of it anyways) and when you make a connection or someone likes you it sends you a message. Now there is a number of things you can do when you get that notice of course.

If you are single and ready to mingle you can go ahead and start chatting up in a flirty manner that is sure to make some kind of love connection.

Or you can choose to make friends; this does not have to be just a dating app (though many I have talked to use it that way.) There are people out there who do have a harder time then others making friends with people in situations that are not online. So let hot or not break the ice for you.

The app is very easy to download and install on your device, I have no freezing or any other issues of that kind while using it. I would make sure to note that because trust me I do not like apps that freeze up my mobile and slow me down! Best of all it is a free app to get. I love when an app is useful, easy to use and free.

Lastly the company that puts out Hot or Not is also having a sweepstakes it is really easy to sign up and enter and you have a chance to win $1,000.


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To those readers who have been following me for a time you know that while I embrace social media and technology as much as possible I sometimes have a habit of retreating from certain kinds of it. Mobile apps happen to be one of the one of the versions of technology that I was retreating from for a while. However in the last 30 days or so I have been making an attempt to as I said, be more mobile friendly and savvy. So I have been downloading a lot of apps and giving them a test drive. Some are well known around the app circles, like Instagram and some of the filters that come with it, some are less known like a social friend meeting application called Hot or Not that reminds me of a bit of something I saw on NCIS once.

When I am looking for an application that I am going to use for my own purposes there are a few things that I keep in mind, ease of use, fun factor and price and here is how I break each one down to rationalize my taking up some space on my mobile.

Ease of Use:  As I mentioned I am not always a techno friendly kind of person. I can usually figure things out pretty easily but if it means I have to spend a lot of time reading directions and still get confused, chances are I will get rid of it. I have so much going on in everyday life that I just don’t have time to get in a twist about an application not working how it should. If it is easy to use it makes my top used items because I love when I can figure out new stuff.

Fun Factor: Unless it is something I have downloaded for business, which is not always fun I get apps to amuse myself. Whether I am a passenger in the car, on a long trip or just killing sometime waiting for someone or in general I want the application to be fun. We all need a little bit of fun in our lives after all and technology seems the easiest way to get that these days.

Price: Make no mistakes about it I am frugal and those who know me know I can pinch a penny until it screams. So if I am looking at two applications that are similar and do almost the same thing, and one is free while the other is for pay, I will usually pick the free one first. I am even more inclined to pick an application if it has a cool incentive or sweepstakes that gives me a chance to win something.

The previously mentioned Hot or not App meets all my criteria for something I will download and give a try too (along with a few other apps lately) and I have been having some fun playing with it. The concept is simple, you look at people and select a heart or an X and decide if you want to connect with them or not. I am probably pretty nice about selecting the heart because I like to meet new people from all walks of life and ages. If you like me want some fun and social connecting you should check it out.


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To all of my friends and readers in America Happy Turkey Day and I hope that you have a wonderful one with your family.


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Trying out a new little Meme for the blog and I will probably also cross post it on Fire & Ice

This picture triggers an emotional response for me because it is of my beloved kitty Loki. He was with me for many good years and saw me through thick and thin. He saw me through relationship ups and downs and everything between and I miss him greatly. This picture is a total show of how he was a laid back lover boy.

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Yes you have probably seen a lot Doctor who coming across in what I have been making lately. Well see my previous post about being a Whovian   I am enjoying being in a Doctor Who group that is doing a lot of swaps leading up to the big 50th Anniversary including some altered playing cards. Maybe I will get to use the whole deck!

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Oh yes it is fall season and that means that the TV networks are kicking up and rolling out new seasons and new shows. Now I always try not to get attached to anything because it seems lately they cancel anything I like. However I could not help but want to see Sleepy Hollow, it has always been one of my favorite stories and I like seeing the different take that gets put on it over time.



We have Redcoats we have turncoats we have covens..and four horsemen and OH MY! Needless to say so far I am impressed after seeing the first show. I am trying not to get attached, because I know it is possible to get canceled but I suppose this is going to be foxes answer to Once Upon a Time, oh and the new Once upon a Wonderland (spin off?). I like how so far it seems to be spinning witch craft and bible themes together seamlessly. Good and Evil and all that..nicely done. I rather like Icobod in this one as well 😀 course that could just be my female side talking. He has handled waking up in a modern age fairly well I dare say!

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You may notice the side bar is different then usual. Do not panic. I am just doing clean up after a set of hackers attached some code somewhere in the themes and such. May take me a little bit to put all of the usual html back in place. Fresh and clean. Now if only I could remember last years letter count think I made a post though lol.

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Everyone knows I support USPS and I have always done my best to point out to everyone that they are a worth while way to send your postage. Send letters, postcards packages! I mean look at my mail levels the last few years as I have put them on here. Alas my love is starting to fade some. The service is getting worse and worse it seems, while rates go up. In the last months I have had several letters, ATC’s and the like just up and poof or be returned to me damaged. All of that I could take, I did not like it but I could take it.

Well now we have a bigger issue. A kindle upgrade of a Kindle fire purchased on Ebay has been on it’s way to me since June 15th out of Brooklyn, NY, yes I know it does not seem like all that long, but just wait there is reasoning why I am so irked. The package was send priority mail, and here is how its check in’s look.


So it left Louisville, KY on Monday….well Louisville is 2 hours away from us. I waited until yesterday and then decided to call. The Lady who first took my call was very nice, she was not able to tell me much besides what I already knew, the package left Louisville on Monday and should be here. She took my info and opened a case. Told me someone would call me back about it and gave me the number.

A few hours later my local USPS “hub” called. Great I thought an update! News! Where is my package! I happened to not be able to get to the phone as a scallywag dog ran off with it but they left a message, once again telling me the package had left Louisville on Monday (really?! I had no idea!!) but that he expected it would be at the Hub there in the morning. My first thought was really what makes tomorrow anymore different then the rest of the week but hey your USPS guy so I will go with it. That is the only call I got. Cue today Thursday! No movement on the tracking number still, mail runs no mail package. I call the customer service line again, oh it left Louisville on Monday (you don’t say) and someone was supposed to call you from (insert name of special department I can not recall the name of) but they didn’t? Oh well here is the number you can call them (long distance). Okay thank you for your help, I also called my hub for those readers who wondered and “oh it left Louisville on Monday and should have been here..but it’s not.” You DON’T SAY!! So I call my spiffy new long distance number and get an answering machine, promising they will TRY to call me back within 24 hours if I leave a message. Well if calling me back goes anything like this package that should have arrived…I am not holding my breath.

Needless to say the love is seriously fading here. Seriously. Not once has anyone said I am sorry about the trouble, or what is going on with your package. Nope they just keep telling me it left Louisville on Monday. That is the last anyone has seen of it.

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cat thursday 2

The True Book Addict.

Missed last week due to being a bit busy but I love this Meme so back today!


This is Lace, she was Lyla’s sister and the second member of what we always lovingly called “The L Team”. We have since lost her as well but she was a Mama’s girl. So sweet and loving to Mama, but she was not a fan of Dad. Now some of what was his fault but it was for a good reason. When Lace was a kitten she was about to step on some broken glass that I was cleaning up and Dad tried to catch her so that she wouldn’t hurt herself unfortunately he ended up catching her by the tail. This was a slight that Lace never forgot. That is until Lyla passed away after Lyla passed she seemed to soften some towards Dad and would sit near him. Proving to him what I always said she really was a sweet girl when she wanted to be.

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